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2009 was a bad year. There was a cat that got shot by an arrow. There was an untimely refinance of the mortgage which came back to haunt me. There was job loss and relationship demise and a small car accident. All that before June.

June was a blur, save for the one crystal clear moment when I decided to go to Paris to visit an old college buddy that found me on Facebook. She has lived in Paris since 1999 and recently started Sight Seeker's Delight, a unique walking tour company. Would I be interested in marketing the company and doing research for the tours? Bien sur!

So, I went to Paris and fell in love with it. I returned to Seattle, sold 90% of my worldly possessions (except the house, we owe more than it's worth) and moved to Paris.

My goals are:

Work as a consultant for the walking tour company

Pursue the bon vivant lifestyle and delve deeper into my passion for good food and wine

Study French language, history and culture at The Sorbonne

Blog consistently and thoroughly about my experiences for at least a year

Yes, there's a lot going on in that list, however, the main thing is the writing. In some ways, I'm simply returning to my publishing roots.

My great-grandfather had his city's first printing press. My grandfather worked for The Morning Call in Allentown, PA as an ad man for 40 years. My mom ran ad layout for several magazines at Rodale Press; most notably Men's Health. My dad was director of photography for Rodale Press for over 30 years.

My great uncle is Art Buchwald, who, in 1948, bought a one-way ticket to Paris and consequently became a newspaper columnist, humorist, author of dozens of books and "nearly everyone's favorite American in Paris." (NY Times) He is a major inspiration to me.

Armed with my laptop, a small savings account, a love of French food, wine and culture, I plan to live in Paris for the duration of my visa and push the limits of my creativity and adaptability. This should be very interesting...


travel, yoga, gardening, writing, nature, architecture, cooking and baking, thinking, making art, creating and listening to music, crafting, meeting people, sleeping, singing jazz and classical music