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March 30, 2011


Steve Plunk

Awesome entry, Lisa. I'm right there with you! Be sure to share some brownies if you reconsider :-)

Mary Sullivan

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Your Grandmother, Mary McGarry Gettings, didn't believe in Limbo. Said it was too permanebt a place to contemplate. She DID believe in purgatory...a temporary abode...and she believed it was right here on our own patch of "what do I do now?" I think I agree that Mother knows best in this regard. Purgatory is a place of learning and sometimes of suffering, of aches of the heart and soul and even body. But, still, a temporary place. A sense of humor, sometimes of an ironic bent, gets us through and abandonment to the Cosmos helps. You've got the humor "down pat". From Limbo, there is no escape. From Purgatory, we ALWAYS move upward and outward. It's just that it seems to be an eternity. My love and admiration are undeterred. I only wish I could help. Maybe, if I move up and outward before you, I'll be able to. I picture you in your nest of cushions, like an Arabian Princess, and try to image you in a joyful state of Paradise...very, very soon.
Aunt Mary

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